88% of the vaccinated population has already had the first dose and 66% are with full immunization

Daniele Meneguzzi (SMS)

175 days before the start of the 24th edition of the Deaflympics, which will be held in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, from May 1st to 15th, 2022, the city advances in the fight against Covid-19, as two out of three Caxienses, in terms of the vaccinated population (over 12 years old), are already fully immunized with two doses of vaccine or a single dose. With a dose of vaccine, the percentage rises to 88%.

In recent months, with the advance of vaccination, there has been a significant drop in the number of cases and deaths per covid. Health institutions even reduced the number of beds as a result.

Thus, the city currently has a situation of control of the pandemic, since, even with the advance of vaccination, preventive care, such as the use of masks and social distancing, remain mandatory. The Municipal Health Secretary, Daniele Meneguzzi, highlights the actions taken to combat covid-19: “Since the beginning of the year, the municipality of Caxias do Sul prioritized vaccination as a strategy to combat covid-19, seeking to offer the vaccine for quickly and effectively, whether in Basic Health Units, drive-thru points or in actions in different parts of the city, such as squares, shopping, businesses, nightclubs, football stadiums, schools, everything for the greater part of the population had access to immunization. In addition, since March, we started offering rapid tests to the entire symptomatic population in all Basic Health Units, to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. We believe that vaccination, combined with preventive measures, such as wearing a mask and social distancing, give us security to resume our activities, such as this important event that is the Deaf Olympics, which we will have the pleasure and honor to host in 2022.”

The CEO of the Organizing Committee, Richard Ewald, explains that the organization of the event is committed and attentive to all these issues: “The Surdolimpíada is an event of ample magnitude and Caxias do Sul is more than prepared to host the event. We have a great structure to receive thousands of athletes and are in constant contact with municipal and state authorities. The city and the region, from a health point of view, also have great qualifications of institutions and professionals. I am convinced that we will have a safe event in every way.”