Governor Eduardo Leite was honored, on 01/01, with the honorary title of ambassador of the 24th Summer Deaflympics – Caxias do Sul. The games were scheduled to take place last year and, due to the pandemic, were transferred, being scheduled now for the period between 1st and 15th of May. The announcement was made to the governor by the president of the International Committee on Sports for the Deaf (ICSD), Gustavo Perazzolo. The ICSD is the highest body responsible for international sporting events for the deaf.

The Deaflympics are one of the three biggest Olympic events in the world, second only to the Olympics and Paralympics. It is expected that 7,000 athletes from 92 countries will participate. Brazil will be the first country in Latin America to host the Summer Deaflympic Games, which will also be the biggest multi-sport event ever held in Rio Grande do Sul.

ICSD President, Gustavo Perazzolo, Eduardo Leite, governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Paula Ioris, vice Mayor of Caxias do Sul and Danrlei de Deus, Secretary of Sports and Leisure of Rio Grande do Sul.

“I am personally very happy and honored to receive this honor, it touches me a lot and makes me very proud, in addition to reinforcing our commitment to the Deaflympics, which will take place with the support of the state government. We are aware of the positive impact that the event will bring, not only as a promotion of sports, but also for the cause of equality, respect for people with disabilities. It is a clear demonstration for all of society of these people’s strength and ability to overcome. The effects are very positive, which is why the State is involved in this process”, Leite highlighted.

The 24th Deaflympic takes place between May 1st and 15th, 2022!