On Wednesday afternoon (02/02) an important meeting took place between the Organizing Committee of the 24th Deaflympics and representatives of the entire hotel chain in Serra Gaúcha. The event served to align with those responsible for the hotels essential measures to receive representatives from almost 100 countries that will disembark in the region to compete in the biggest multi-sport competition in the history of RS.

Jussânia Dinani – Vacancy Center for the Deaflympiads

The meeting started with Jussânia Dinani, who is responsible for the Deaflympics vacancy center, and she gave general information on how hotels should proceed, health protocols, care with athletes’ food, the communication part, both visual and with texts in English. Jussania is responsible for defining the accommodation for each delegation, a very important job.

Josiane Camazzola is responsible for food care, and has passed several rules to the hotel representatives. She drew attention to food peculiarities according to the culture of each delegation, and also to the fact that athletes depend on a diet rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. She also asked for more flexibility in feeding times when competitions are taking place.

The Municipal Mayor of Farroupilha, Fabiano Feltrin, was also present, speaking to those present as president of Amesne (Association of Municipalities of Encosta Superior do Nordeste). “This opportunity that we are going to have to improve our quality across the entire hotel chain is very important, to level up. The Deaflympics is giving us this condition. Let’s do the simple, our essence, which is also our excellence, what we do so well and that everyone who visits us likes”, said Feltrin. He concluded by saying that he is available 24 hours a day for questions about the competition and said that all municipalities that are part of Amesne are informed of the procedures that must be followed to welcome visitors.

Then, the CEO of the Organizing Committee, Richard Ewald, recalled the great challenge that lies ahead. “May we all offer the best of our region to those who come to participate in the 24th Deaflympics. We have a work culture and we are going to show it to the whole world. We are prepared and we know that this is the biggest multi-sport event that Rio Grande do Sul has ever hosted”, he declared.

Finally, the President of the International Committee on Sports for the Deaf (ICSD), Gustavo Perazzolo, expressed his motivation to see the Deaflympics being held in Serra Gaúcha. “I want to spread to the whole world how our land here in the south is also an incredible part of Brazil, let’s treat all these people who will come as family. It’s more than sport, it’s more than anything, it’s about being human.”