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Libras – Língua Brasileira de Sinais

ISL – International Sign Language



The present edital, written by the 24th SUMMER DEAFLYMPICS Organizing Committee, has the goal of defining all the rules for the volunteering vacancies in different fields for the event denominated 24th SUMMER DEAFLYMPICS, encouraging all interested parties to participate in the oficial Volunteering Program of the event.

Organized by the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ISCD), with over 100 participating countries and 6.000 deaf athletes enrolled, the Deaflympics happen once every four years, and it is the oldest multisport event after the Olympic Games. The first edition took place in Paris, in 1924, and it was the first athletic event dedicated to people with special necessities. As a historic landmark, Brazil will be the first country of Latin America to host The Summer Deaflympics.The volunteers will be selected for working in three different fronts: Organizational Volunteer, Support Volunteer and Health Services Volunteer. These vacancies will be available to the global community, remaining open for anyone who wants to contribute in this big representative event.

Organizational Volunteer: people who will be able to subscribe, through the form that will be available from September to December of 2021, for helping in the arenas, entries, displacements, events, Deaflympic square, and others.

Support Volunteer: people who will be able to subscribe, through the form that will be available from September to December of 2021, for helping with the delegations of the event’s venues, arenas, competitions, hotels, and others. Volunteers that have fluency in Sign Language, or Spanish and English, are required here.

Health Services Volunteer: people who will be able to subscribe, through the form that will be available from September to December of 2021, for helping with matters related to the attendance of the athletes in the health, podiatry, psychological support, physiotherapists, masseuses, and others.


2.1.1 The participation in the contest is open for the entire global population, and will occur individually.

2.1.2 The participation is only allowed for people over 18 years old, and it is conditioned by the acceptance of the rules presented in this regulation. Furthermore, the form presented on the website https://bit.ly/24deaflympics must be filled, with the identification dates.

2.1.3 The subscriptions will happen between the months of September 2021 and April of 2022.

2.1.4 The subscribers that do not respond to the requirements, or fail to comply with the agreements of the Volunteers Manual, might be replaced at any time.

2.1.5 The volunteers assigned to work on the event will, if it is required, study the modules of Brazilian Sign Language and International Signs Workshops (60 and 40 hours, respectively), and complete a leveling test, in order to be able to take part on the 24th SUMMER DEAFLYMPICS. Both workshops will occur virtually. If the volunteer is already fluent in one of the languages, he/she can pass directly to the following Workshop, after completing the knowledge test that will be accomplished by the organization of the event, along with Caxias do Sul University teachers.

– These rules are governed according to the Volunteering Law, Nº 9.608, de 18/02/98, and appears on the link http://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/leis/l9608.htm.

The registration form must be correctly filled, with truthful and actualized information.

The data declared will be used as informational fonts and vehicles of communication between the Organization Committee and the participants during the entire time course.

In case of any changes regarding this information, it will be communicated, immediately and obligatorily, through the email address(voluntarios@surdolimpiada2021.com.br) with the subject “REGISTRATION UPDATE”.

All volunteers whose subscriptions are completed will receive confirmation emails, through the email addresses informed on the subscribing forms.


2.5.1 The volunteer will receive a clothing kit, whose use will be obligatory during the event, being these items disclosed on a date close to the event. The kit will be delivered during the credeciantion of the volunteers, which will happen as soon as they arrive at the priority headquarter.

2.5.3 Volunteers with greater time availability during the event time course, and who speak fluently a greater number of languages will be prioritized, in order to facilitate the communication between the staff and the deaf.

2.5.4 Mandatory training periods will occur, through specific platforms, under the responsibility of each volunteer.

2.5.5 During the break periods, the volunteers will have free access to the sports venues, as their credentials comprise.

2.5.6 Expenses with travel to the host city are borne by the person enrolled in the program, volunteers from outside the city who will be accommodated during the period of performance in the competition will have the right to food. The volunteer will also be provided with a snack a day, during the work period, which is 6 hours, depending on availability and interest, there may be a stay for two shifts. As well as internal transport so that the volunteer can perform their tasks.


3.1 The selected volunteers will be contacted by the organization, and guided to the next levels of selection and training.


4.1 The participant yields, without any cost, his image to be used in all or any divulgational materials (such as pictures, videos, and other ways of capturing) intended for dissemination to the general public and to the Organization Committee of the 24th.

4.2 About the selection, done by the Organization Committee, there is no appeal of any kind coming from other participants.

4.3 The participation in this Olympic selection depends on the full acceptance of all these terms.

4.4 The situations that do not concern this regulation would be decided by the event organization.